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Christina Ho

My sanctuary for living, thinking and communicating better





I started this site because I wanted to jot down my experiences and learnings more intentionally, by synthesizing the mumble jumble in my head. I figured it would also be nice to look back and observe my growth, and just in case dementia decides to say hello too damn early.

My life is driven by building communities around technology and access.

⛅In the day, I connect with startups and the innovation ecosystem, to drive the commercialisation of nutrition and food technology solutions

🌒In the night, I co-lead a mentoring programme aimed at uplifting career opportunities for Malay-Muslim undergraduates, and lead marketing efforts for a modular housing social enterprise to address housing issues in emerging economies.

Join me in my quest to live, think and communicate better.

You can find out more about my experiences here, and contact me here. A cuppa beer/tea in-person or zoom with like-minded kindred spirits is always much welcome!


Topics I'm Psyched for

The intersection of sustainability, innovation and society


Innovation : Corporate Innovation . Innovation Ecosystems Food Technology : Nutrition . Alternative Protein Sustainability : Plastic Waste Management . Circular Economy . De-Growth Society & History : Post-Colonialism . Prison Systems . Education . Urban Design . Psychology

Personal Development

Living : Digital & Mental Organisation . Stoicism Thinking : Mental Models . Clarity of Thought Contributing : Mentoring . Leadership Communication : Networking . Pitching . Negotiation

My favourite quote, juxtaposed with my favourite kind of wallpaper (melancholic and hopeful at the same time)
My favourite quote, juxtaposed with my favourite kind of wallpaper (melancholic and hopeful at the same time)

I'm Currently Dedicating my Time To

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My Career




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Skills and Expertise

Interesting career opportunities related to sustainability, innovation or food technology
Programme Design, Marketing, Outreach & Execution
Trends Research, Business Strategy and Insights
Stakeholder Engagement and Presentations
Collaborating on projects relating to sustainability, food technology or providing access in emerging economies
Designing well-thought through mentoring / social initiatives
Ideating about Topics above

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