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  • As of 2023, we are at Christina v2.9 - with each software update happening annually. and a major one happening once a decade
  • Always aspiring to have wider reach, stronger and faster bandwidth. But stubbornly in a personalised way, that feels right and true.
  • Still figuring out a product-market fit to sink her roots in. Encouragingly, some early adopters have been corporate innovation, foodtech and social entrepreneurship. Desire to also gain the fancy of corporate sustainability - am looking for beta testers.
  • Still in the local market of Singapore - that being said, internationalisation aspirations are certainly in the pipeline in the next 3-5 years.
  • Some unresolved glitches include strange quirks and slight impatience with inaction - but overall, an evolving yet reliable product that delivers.

My favourite quote, juxtaposed with my favourite kind of wallpaper (melancholic and hopeful at the same time)
My favourite quote, juxtaposed with my favourite kind of wallpaper (melancholic and hopeful at the same time)

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Skills and Expertise

Interesting career opportunities related to sustainability, innovation or food technology
Programme Design, Marketing, Outreach & Execution
Trends Research, Business Strategy and Insights
Stakeholder Engagement and Presentations
Collaborating on projects relating to sustainability, foodtech or providing access in emerging economies
Designing well-thought through mentoring / social initiatives

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About Christina v2.7
My introduction (in 3rd person)

Christina is driven by the intersection of sustainable development, innovation and societal progress to shape a better world.

Harnessing her expertise in establishing partnerships, crafting innovation strategies and executing programmes, she started out in the government sector, then an innovation consultancy and am now at an MNC. In the day, she connects with startups and the innovation ecosystem, to drive the commercialisation of nutrition solutions.

In her remaining waking hours, she co-leads a mentoring programme aimed at uplifting career opportunities for Malay-Muslim undergraduates, and leads communications efforts for a modular housing social enterprise to address housing issues in emerging economies.

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