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Corporate Innovation (Programme Manager) 


Executed innovation programmes, engaged with innovation ecosystem stakeholders in the areas of food nutrition, healthcare and the built environment.


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  • Innovation Hub: Bright Science & Technology Innovation Hub
  • Innovation Challenges:
    • Healthcare Open Innovation Challenge
    • Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme
  • Accelerator Programme with Insurance Australia Group for 4 scale-ups (FinTech, SaaS, Cybersecurity)
  • Scouting Projects for Unilever


My proudest project was to have launched Royal DSM’s open innovation platform (Bright Science & Technology Innovation Hub), from conceptualisation amidst a challenging Covid period. It also inspired a keen interest in food technology, and I'm trailing that interest in my next role, sniffing curiously and happily - like a mouse trailing cheese. 🐭🧀

I also welcome the challenge to launch 2 national innovation programmes with the government during the same timeline - in other thematic areas of Healthcare and the Built Environment. This exposure to different stakeholders and industries instilled an appreciation for sectoral nuance and adapting to new industries quickly

Company Background

About Padang & Co

Padang & Co is the oldest innovation catalyst born and anchored in Singapore since 2012.

"Padang" means "open field" in malay.

Through a range of highly tailored programmes, Padang & Co provides government agencies and enterprises an "open field" to explore and adopt a range of Open innovation practices. We have the pleasure of working with a wide range of enterprises such as Unilever, Rolls-Royce, GRAB, Royal DSM, Rabobank and other like-minded enterprises.


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