Panel: 2021 - a Pivotal Year for Food and Nutrition Innovation

Panel: 2021 - a Pivotal Year for Food and Nutrition Innovation

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  • Changing consumer trends: With more readily available data and more time spent at home, consumers are leading their own health awareness, education on sustainable options and have more time to be intentional with their nutrition. Nutritional product manufacturers are also responding to increased consumer demand for immunity-boosting and plant-based products.
  • Nutrition: Beyond increasing nutritional content, the delivery format (foods or supplements) is also key.   At the same time, nutritious food still has to be tasty, while being customised to the Asian palate. Product development aside, it is also critical to educate children -the next generation of consumers- about the importance of nutrition.
  • Emerging and promising technologies: Sugar reduction and sugar replacement technologies are of great interest, though an ideal solution has yet to be found. Personalised nutrition, digital coaching and health tracking is rising in popularity as data becomes more readily available to consumers. However, such technologies require mass adoption before it becomes more accessible to consumers in emerging economies.
  • Startup-corporate partnerships: The panelists advised startups to look beyond a corporate's brand name and identify synergistic and engaged corporates. Jointly defining success metrics right from the onset will accelerate pilots and product co-development.

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