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Mentoring does feel like a strange description sometimes, cos it connotates a certain power dynamic. I'm still searching for a good word to replace that... but in the meantime, I picture it as chitchat / mutual exchange of ideas. (Yeah I need to work on that verbosity).

I have benefitted so so much for from the generous formal and informal mentors in my life, that it gives me great joy to pass on my learnings to the generations that follow.

The sparkle in their eyes during the Eureka! moment is always pretty satisfying.

I've taken part in a range of formal mentorship programmes (see below), and also more informal mentoring (for the occasional LinkedIn message from an earnest and shy student!)

Designing Mentoring Programmes
  • Co-led the Mara Mentoring Programme alongside Mendaki Club - the programme aims to expand exposure and opportunities for Malay-Muslim undergraduates in under-represented industries
Participated as a mentor in formal 1-1 mentoring programmes
1-to-many mentoring





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